New Investment Casting Resin

Today we're announcing the launch of an investment casting resin formulated for consumer level UV curable resin printers. After receiving high demand from a variety of customers, we have developed a resin which prints in high resolution and has a clean burnout during the casting process. The resin is suitable for a number of casting needs including jewelry crafting. The formula is compatible with a number of SLA/DLP type printers, including FormLab’s Form1. We have been working very closely with a great local caster, Mind to Matter, in San Leandro. They have provided lots of insight and expertise in the development of our resin. In the video below, you can see them at work with one of our prints:


The formula is currently in beta and is being tested by casters across the US. Results are positive and production is expected to begin at the end of April. Pre-ordering is available at $199 per bottle (500g) and international shipping is available.

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